Ashley Fryer

- web designer -

open door

Burrito Masala  

UX/UI design and front-end developer (HTML, LESS)


A single-page site for an Indian-Mexican food cart focusing on large images and vibrant design.

Burrito Masala main page


The owners wanted to inform users about their unique food cart and ordering process through a one-page site free of the need for a navigation bar. The RFP outlined the desire for a modern, clean design.

To do so, I created flat-design vector (.svg) graphics that display the menu and ordering process to the customer in an easy-to-understand format. I also chose vibrant colors, fonts, and images to create a the single-page site.

Burrito Masala mobile page
Burrito Masala child page


After establishing the vision and goals of the site, I created user journeys and user personas for the site. I focused on the downtown lunch crowd. Creating a brand book for Burrito Masala, I organized my visions for the site into a convenient package for the client.

Later, I drew out wireframes and used a user interface inventory to organize the components of the website. This ensured that no piece of the site was repetitive. Lastly, I coded the site for a mobile-first design using stylesheets with the LESS preprocessor.

Burrito Masala Brand book