Ashley Fryer

- web designer -

open door


UX/UI design and front-end developer (HTML, LESS, JS)


A multi-page redesign of, a Portland-based non-profit which works to decrease the achievement and opportunity gaps for students.

KairosPDX main page


The focus of this site was to take the great aspects of the existing site and redesign the content and user interface to achieve an easier and more intuitive user experience.

To do so, I restructured the pages and pared down content to help the user to reduce user confusion. I included bold call to action buttons to emphasize the purpose of the site. Lastly, I used bright colors and a clean, modern user interface to reflect the joy and hope that is inherent in the organization.

KairosPDX mobile page
KairosPDX child page


I began this work by outlining the user journeys and goals of the site. I then progressed to creating user personas and using these to create user journeys and a content inventory for the site. With these complete, I wireframed my vision for the site with Sketch. I then coded the site for a mobile-first design using HTML, stylesheets with the LESS preprocessor and JavaScript.

KairosPDX wireframe