Ashley Fryer

- web designer -

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Movie Database  

Web Developer (JavaScript/ JSON, HTML)


An API-centered movie database built with a team by using JIRA, Slack and Git repositories.

Movie Database main page


The goal of this project was to work collaboratively to create a streamlined website utilizing an API call with JSON objects. We settled on a website displaying a plethora of movie information including movie data, new releases and recommended movies.

Kanban board in JIRA


With four people on the team, we coordinated tasks via a Kanban board in JIRA by Atlassian, an Agile project management tool. Frequent comments and attachments were used to keep the group knowledgeable about my progress.

Slack graph

Taking on the role of web developer, I coded three calls to The Movie Database API. I added JavaScript Object Notation to display poster images and applicable movie content. Various additional features and edits were made to enhance the functionality and user experience of the website. One such feature was a toggle dropdown menu if the returned search result did not match the user's desired result.

In order to organize and share code, we used a repository in GitHub. I used GitHub Desktop to clone, branch, commit changes and push and pull the code. To aid additional communication, we used a Slack channel.

Slack board