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Solaris WordPress Theme  

Designer and WordPress Developer (PHP)


The Solaris site began as an alternate redesign for Solaris Aveda Spa and Salon. A customizable WordPress theme was created based on this design.

Solaris main page


The design goal for this project was to reflect the Solaris brand. The client wanted a contemporary and relaxing website which appealed to a high-end guest.

The development goal was to create a WordPress theme template that can be used for any salon, spa, or personal care business. The theme needed to be fully customizable by a user.

Solaris mockup


Based on information provided through a client questionnaire, I used Adobe Illustrator to mock-up the site design. The design focused on clean lines and soft edges to give a relaxing, inviting feel to the website. The neutrals and white space nodded to the high-quality services of the salon and spa.

Solaris customizer

After I was happy with the design, I created a static version of the website using the Bootstrap framework. I then transformed this template into a dynamic WordPress website. I did so by coding various page templates, post types (Services and Teams) and widget areas.

I then coded customizable options in the functions.php file. Available customizations include: changing the title and logo, colors, title bar image, home page (images, image opacity, title and link) and social media icons. Finally, I ensured that the theme is able to be easily translated into other languages.