Ashley Fryer

- web designer -

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Tigers of Youth  

UX/UI designer and WordPress developer


A redesign for the alternative rock band Tigers of Youth. Achieved with customizations of a WordPress theme.

Tigers of Youth main page


The goal was to create a website that acts as a face for the band Tigers of Youth as well as a gateway to their social media presence. As requested by the client, it needed to showcase the band as authentic and friendly with many opportunities to listen and view their music.

Tigers of Youth planning documents options


After meeting with the client, I assembled a table of requirements to guide the planning process. The client wanted a website that showed the authenticity of the band, and felt friendly more than mysterious. I used these to craft user personas and mocked up a wireframe in Sketch.

Tigers of Youth mobile view

Then, I developed the website by customizing the PHP and CSS code using WordPress as a framework. With prominent social media icons and feeds, the website acts as a entrance to these platforms and no longer requires that the client blogs solely for the website. Using a plugin to speed up the client’s subscription process, he also now no longer has to enter in names and emails manually. I paid specific attention to its usability on mobile platforms and added a section specifically for venues to match the two likely types of visitors.