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Club Impact  

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Club Impact, a local nonprofit, is a social club for adults with disabilities. The project included a logo design and website built from the ground up.

Club Impact main page


The logo design needed to reflect the welcoming, friendly nature of the organization.

The website needed to provide potential participants and their support network information about the club. It also had to provide information to current members about upcoming events.

Club Impact logo


Upon first sitting down with the leader, Ralph, I discovered that he spent hours on the phone every week answering questions from caregivers of potential participants. I knew immediately that a website would enable Ralph to reclaim some of that time each week. I was happy to create this for his organization.

After speaking with him in depth about his needs for the site and listening to his vision, I created a mockup of a website that met two distinct needs. First, the website would answer the essential questions for potential participants. While doing so, it would also lend credibility to the organization. Secondly, the site would act as a gateway for participants to hear about the most recent club news and applicable community events.

Club impact screen view

Over the course of this project, I also designed a logo and alternate logo for Club Impact to be used on social media outlets and monthly email communications. I redesigned a flyer for the organization to better reflect the brand. I wrote the copy for the website that reflected a friendly, welcoming feel.

Club impact screen view

All of the above have created a clean, welcoming logo and website that allows for the club to communicate with new members and current members.